How to Run a Table Shuffleboard Tournament

Having a Table Shuffleboard Tournament? After you purchase your supplies from ZieglerWorld Table Shuffleboard Online Store the next step is to figure out if you are running a single or double elimination tournament.

A Single Elimination Tournament is for events where if the player or team loses one game, they are out of the event. A Double Elimination tournament is where if one team loses, they are still in the tournament until they lose a second time.

You will than need to decide if you are running a seeded or blind draw tournament. A seeded tournament is where each player is ranked — so the best player plays the worst ranked player in the first round. A blind draw tournament is where all players play based on a random draw of the slots.

You and print a tournament chart for free at You can also purchase a reusable chart such as a wall decal or permanent wall hanging.

Single Elimination 32 Team Bracket
Single Elimination 32 Team Bracket