5 Best Shuffleboard Pucks for a Home Tournament?

  • ZieglerWorld Large Table Shuffleboard Pucks – Available in 21 different colors to match your favorite sports team. Perfect for the Home game room and feature interchangeable caps!
ZieglerWorld Table Shuffleboard Pucks
ZieglerWorld Table Shuffleboard Pucks
  • American Large Table Shuffleboard Pucks – Available in Red/Blue these pucks are proved winners with the American name and have interchangeable caps – in Red/Blue Only
American Table Shuffleboard Weights
American Table Shuffleboard Pucks
  • Spangler Shuffleboard Pucks – Available in Red/Blue or Red/Green these pucks feature a floor shaped cap for better thumb twists. The caps are snap on caps.
Spangler Table Shuffleboard Weights
Spangler Table Shuffleboard Pucks
  • Triple Crown Pucks come in Flat(Fast) or Crowned(Slower). They are used by a number of professionals as each pucks has been exacting weight manufacturing standards. They have snap on caps
Triple Crown Table Shuffleboard Weights
Triple Crown Pucks
  • Basic Weights are made in China and have flatter sides. Great pucks for Bars/Restaurants but the home player sees plowing through the powdered wax. They feature glue on caps.
Basic Table Shuffleboard Weights
Basic Weights